Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A New Addition in the Doll Room

Chrissy Lou was awakened bright and early by Myra. 

Chrissy Lou looked over at her twin sister to see if she was awake yet, and saw that Missy Lee was trying to hold her collar out of the way so that she could look over the doll shelf to see just what was going on below.  

"Can you see what Myra is doing?" Chrissy Lou whispered 

"She is searching for something again", Missy Lee whispered back.

Myra finally found her scissors, and sat down in front of her sewing machine and started to sew.

A few minutes later she finished with her sewing, and she started to cut out, then turn, and then to stuff the object she had sewn while Chrissy Lou and Missy Lee watched intently trying to guess just what Myra was making.

"Maybe she is finally making us our two brothers Missy Lee whispered excitedly" as Myra got up and left the room.

"Where did you ever hear that we were supposed to have two brothers", Chrissy Lou demanded crossly. After all she was supposed to be the oldest, and the one who knew what was going on in the doll room. 

Chrissy Lou was immediately sorry that she had been so cross with her sister when she saw Missy Lee's bright smile begin to fade, and a big tear forming in one eye.

"Well I overheard Myra yesterday trying to find two names for boys that rhymed with Chrissy and Missy", Missy Lee answered tearfully. 

Just then Myra came back with a plastic shopping bag from the kitchen, and she began to clean off a corner of the table. 

Chrissy Lou made a mental note to herself that she should apologize for being so cross to her sensitive little sister as they both quietly watched Myra get out her paints. 

Myra finished painting her newest addition to the doll room, and laid it back on the plastic shopping bag to dry, and then she left.  

It was really quiet in the doll room after Myra left except for an occasional rustle from the center of the plastic shopping bag.

Chrissy Lou and Missy Lee climbed down from the doll shelves to go see just what Myra had been working on.  

They had almost inched close enough to touch the shopping bag when Missy Lee could not stand the suspense anymore. She started to ask Chrissy Lou "Can you see what Myra was working on?", but barely got the words "Can you" out when there came a startled howl from the midst of the shopping bag.  and both she and her sister fell back into twisted heaps on the table.  

Chrissy Lou was trying to peer around Missy Lee who had fallen on top of her when she saw two grey ears with pink centers begin to slowly rise up over the edge of the shopping bag followed by two green eyes and a pink nose with black whiskers sticking out from both sides of the nose.  

"It's a kitten", both Chrissy Lou and Missy Lee exclaimed at the same time, as the kitten bounced up out of the bag and came jumping towards them. 

Chrissy Lou and Missy Lee spent quite a few minutes trying to get untangled and upright to welcome the kitten to its new home in the doll room, but the kitten was so intent on introducing itself that it kept knocking them both back down again. 

They decided to name him Tigger because he was so bouncy.

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